With today being Presidents Day, I thought it would be fun to share an interesting fact on every single leader our country has had.  Enjoy and if you're feeling really ambitious you can try to put this all to music!

1 George Washington - Teeth were made from elephant and walrus tusks, not wood.

2 John Adams - First to live in the White House

3 Thomas Jefferson - Spoke 6 different languages

4 James Madison - Smallest President at 5' 4", under 100 lbs.

5 James Monroe - Died on the 4th of July, 1831, following both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who died on July 4, 1826

6 John Quincy Adams - Son of John Adams

7 Andrew Jackson - First President to ride in a train

8 Martin Van Buren - First President born an American citizen - (all before him were born in the British colonies)

9. William Henry Harrison - President for only 31 days, died of pnueumonia

10 John Tyler - Loved kids, had 15 children

11 James K. Polk - First President to serve a nation from coast to coast

12 Zachary Taylor - Never voted for a President

13 Millard Fillmore - First President to have a stove and running water in the White House

14 Franklin Pierce - Memorized his entire inaugural speech - 3,319 words

15 James Buchanan - Never married, his niece was White House hostess

16 Abraham Lincoln - Tallest President, First President to be assassinated

17 Andrew Johnson - Was buried wrapped in an American flag with a copy of the Constitution

18 Ulysses S. Grant - Was fined $20 for speeding with his horse and carriage

19 Rutherford B. Hayes - First President to use a phone - his phone number was 1

20 James A. Garfield - Could write with both hands at the same time - in different languages

21 Chester A. Arthur - Changed his pants several times a day - he owned 80 pairs of pants

22 Grover Cleveland - First and only President married in the White House

23 Benjamin Harrison - First President to have electric lights and a Christmas tree in the White House, grandson of William H. Harrison

24 Grover Cleveland - First and only President to ever serve 2 non-consecutive terms

25 William McKinley - First President to use campaign buttons

26 Theodore Roosevelt - Youngest person ever to be President

27 William H. Taft - Heaviest President - 332 pounds

28 Woodrow Wilson - Dreamed of being a stage performer

29 Warren G. Harding - Gambled away a set of White House china

30 Calvin Coolidge - Only President born on the 4th of July

31 Herbert Hoover - Spoke chinese to his wife to keep their stories private

32 Franklin D. Roosevelt - Only President to serve more than 2 terms

33 Harry S. Truman - Read every book in his hometown library

34 Dwight D. Eisenhower - Commander of Allied Forces during World War II

35 John F. Kennedy - Youngest elected President, first Catholic President

36 Lyndon B. Johnson - Was an auto mechanic and teacher before being President

37 Richard M. Nixon - Recommended a play to the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI

38 Gerald R. Ford - Held his daughter's High School prom in the White House

39 Jimmy Carter - First President born in a hospital

40 Ronald Reagan - Oldest President (69-77)

41 George Bush - Survived 4 planes crashes during World War II

42 William J. Clinton - Played the saxophone on national TV

43 George W. Bush - Has a collection of over 250 signed baseballs

44 Barack Obama - The first African-American to become President

Now go impress your friends with these facts, or win a B105 trivia contest!  Enjoy the holiday.

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