The year the original Halloween movie came out was 1978.  I was in the 8th grade and had friends a bit older that had just gotten their drivers license, so with Brian Shanda behind the wheel we headed to Superior to take in a haunted house (the William A. Irvin wasn't anchored in the canal at that time) and the movie "Halloween" (against my will!)

I do NOT like to be scared.  Why put yourself through that?  But, it was Halloween and it was one of my first times to be able to head out with my friends and do whatever we wanted without adult supervision, so I went with.  I handled the haunted house pretty well, but was having major anxiety knowing I was going to have to sit through the Halloween movie.  Even the fact that hot overly buttered popcorn would be there didn't make me feel any better.  It didn't end there either, the next year I was dragged to Halloween II and yes, I went.

While I was scared, I got into it just like the everyone else in the movie theater, but I watch TV and movies differently than other people.  I'm always trying to figure out how they shot a scene, I'm constantly looking for editing flaws and other mistakes that the director/producer might have missed.  Here are 4 things that are perplexing about the Halloween movies, do you remember them too?

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    From the time the movie gets to the part of Jamie Lee Curtis' character walking home from school with her friends anticipating Halloween night babysitting to the end of the movie series, we are to led to believe it all happens in one evening.  That's A LOT to go in one night.  I remember watching the movies and feeling "time confused".  Do you remember having that feeling too?

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    Did anyone else find it strange that the emergency room is fully light, bright and bustling with people, but when it came to the hallways and patients rooms it's virtually dark and desolate?  Of course, I realize that allows for great killing opportunity, but very unrealistic.

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    What is the correlation between a horror movie series like Halloween and a song recorded by the Chordettes in 1954?  Just. Don't. Get. It.

    If you sat in a movie theater in 1981, as you were gathering your belongings and wondering how you were going to walk from the car to the house in the dark without freaking out,  this is what you heard while the credits rolled.

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    In the original Halloween movie of 1978, the actor that plays Michael Meyers is not acknowledge as such in the beginning or ending credits.  Instead he is listed as "The Shape".  The movie revolves around this guy, he put in his time and worked his butt of being everywhere to do his nasty deeds, the least they could do is acknowledge him.  After some research, I did find that there were actually three individuals who played the part of Michael Meyers, a.k.a. "the shape".

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