I am a pretty skeptical person by nature, so I usually find explanations to most things pretty quickly. I don't believe every ghost story (or really hardly any), and I'd rather not think about them. I don't like scary movies, I don't get a thrill out of the supernatural. So to sum it up, I'm not a ghost hunter and I'm not looking for any evidence of spirits around us. That being said, I do believe in ghosts and spirits because I've actually seen some things that cannot be explained. Here they are.


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    Haunted Christmas Tree

    This is a real photo from the Christmas tree at my father's place in 2010.  It has not been altered in anyway, I promise. If you look in the middle of the tree, you'll see a ghostly face looking at you. It only showed up in this picture, and there was nothing but a blank space on the tree where that face was.

    To this day I still have no explanation. It is worth noting that it resembles old black and white photos of my Grandpa as a young man.

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    Stacked Empty Diet Coke Bottles

    Once again, this took place at my dad's old house. There were many strange things that took place there like TV's turning on in the middle of the night, flashes in the corner of your eye, stuff like that. I honestly believe spirits follow my dad around.

    Anyway, this is what happened. He was remodeling the last room of this house that happened to be a pink bathroom. It was the last section of the home to still have the original owners favorite color. Weird things had been happening all week, but this was the biggest.

    My dad's favorite beverage at that time was Diet Coke. He would buy it in 2 liter bottles and he drank A LOT of it. So he had 3 or so empty 2 liter bottles on the kitchen counter that he was planning on bringing out the to the recycling. He was working in that bathroom remodeling it, when he came back to the kitchen and saw the three 2 liter bottles stacked on top of each other, standing up.

    How the heck does that happen? We tried to get them to stack back up after we took it down and we had a really hard time.

    Definitely can't explain that one.

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    Alarm Clock Radio Plays At Night

    For a long time we had an alarm clock radio that we had on our kitchen counter. We never even used the alarm feature on the radio, and would only occasionally listen to music on it while we were cooking or whatever.

    There was a few nights where I slept on the couch in our living room adjacent to the kitchen. (Sick kids in bed with mom, fell asleep watching tv, etc.) At least three times that radio would turn on blaring in the middle of the night. Each time it was at different times and the alarm was set. After the first time I thought it could have just been a mistake, but the next time I slept downstairs I made sure the alarm wasn't set, and it still went off. There was an actual tab that you had to slide over for it to go to Alarm Radio and it had moved. We eventually replaced the alarm clock radio, and haven't had the problem again... yet.

    Purestock/ Thinkstock
    Purestock/ Thinkstock
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    Haunted Farm House

    Years ago, friends of mine had a farmhouse on some acreage in North Iowa. They eventually sold the place and moved, but before that some weird things started happening. I was staying with them for a couple of weekends right towards the end and these were the most obvious and explainable supernatural things that have ever happened to me.

    The first time I was reaching into their refrigerator in the kitchen, when I felt a hard tap on my shoulder. I turned around an no one was there. In fact there was no one even in the room. I felt a hand on my shoulder, there is no doubt. I felt like I was going crazy, when one of my friends said it had been happening to them too.

    Now, here's the single biggest thing I've never been able to explain.

    We were in the same house, not long after that first incident, when we were all watching TV in the living room. There was a bathroom just off the living room, and we all heard the sink faucet squeak several times and then go to a full on rush of water. It sounded exactly like someone turning the knob to the on position. This faucet was not loose, it was rather tight. That water was running full blast into the sink when went to check.

    There is absolutely no explanation for this. That is the moment when I said, yep ghosts are real. There were three witnesses that saw this happen. My life forever changed in that moment. Spirits exist.

    badahos/ thinkstock
    badahos/ thinkstock

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