Some may say that Texas fisherman Jason Kresse caught a shark, but when the 375-lb. sea creature jumped into his boat early last Monday, it kind of caught him instead.

The 29-year-old Freeport resident was out fishing for a red snapper with two coworkers about 50 miles off the Gulf of Mexico coast when they felt something hit the side of the boat. A few seconds later, the mammoth Mako was thrashing around inside the boat, much to Kresse and his posse's surprise.

The shark was so large and thrashing so violently that the three men couldn't get close enough to toss it back into the water. Instead, the shark continued whipping around -- damaging the boat extensively in the process -- before it died several hours later.

Once docked, Kresse had to use a forklift to remove the shark. Nobody, aside from the shark, was hurt.

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