There's a new law that was passed last year in Minnesota that requires boaters this season to have a "invasive species tips" sticker on the boat.  The DNR hopes this will help boaters be more aware of invasive species and how to prevent the spread from lake to lake.

Where can you get them?  Here's 3 places besides the DMV you can go.

I made some phone calls because I really didn't want to wait in line at the DMV.  Here's where to go:

1.  Marine General - plenty available.  They're located at 1501 London Road.

2.  Gander Mountain - 4275 Haines Road, Duluth

3.  Fisherman's corner -  They have a few left so hurry! 5675 Miller Trunk Highway

You are required to have this in your boat in a visible area.   The sticker is also free, no fee required.   Spread the word, a lot of boaters don't know this!

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