A busy passage bridge in Duluth's I-35 corridor has partially reopened to traffic.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation have announced that the 27th Avenue West Bridge that crosses over both the north and southbound lanes of I-35 - to the immediate south of the Twin Ports Interchange - has partially reopened to vehicular traffic as of June 16.

According to details from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, with the partial reopen, drivers can now access the westbound lanes of the 27th Avenue West Bridge.   This allows drivers who are traveling along on I-35 northbound to exit and head over 27th Avenue West and into Lincoln Park.

While the westbound lanes have reopened, the eastbound lanes of the 27th Avenue West Bridge will remain closed at least through next week.  The on-ramp to northbound I-35 is also closed for the installation of a new waterline which will cross under I-35.  The detour to access northbound I-35 is to head south on I-35 to 40th Avenue West and then back north.

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The new 27th Avenue West Bridge is part of the bigger Twin Ports Interchange project that started this summer, set to happen over the next few years.  According to the timeline issued by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the entire project should be finished by 2024.

To see details about the Twin Ports Interchange project (Can of Worms) or any of the other work coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, visit their website.  There you'll find project pages and up-to-date traffic details.

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