Food! Clothes! Books! These are all things that we love in the Duluth area. Who doesnt?

As you know, B105 and our sister stations moved out of our old building on Central Entrance and moved to new studios back in 2019. We now reside in the Holiday Center in downtown Duluth. Since our exit, the building has remained unoccupied.

I drive by it very often and every time I do, I think of all the places or businesses that would make a great fit for the building.

You have probably driven by it at some point too! It is located on the corner of Central Entrance and Arlington and is located next to a Kwik Trip, Subway, McDonald's restaurant, among many other things.

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So what should join these businesses? Here are 12 ideas for what could replace the former Townsquare Media Studios in Duluth.

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We moved buildings back in November of 2019 so here are a few ideas of what could or should occupy the space now.

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