Bentleyville is one of the biggest events in the Northland this time of year and it takes a village to put it on.

The light festival brings in thousands of people from near and far every single holiday season and with that comes a lot of prep work, lights, decoration and more!

I went the other night to take in the event for myself and while I was standing in front of the fire pits, I noticed a sign filled with facts about it! The facts covered everything from popcorn to marshmallows to storage to extension cords. Ha!

Here are the 10 best facts I saw on the post:

  1. Over six miles of rope light is used at Bentleyville each year.
  2. Over 134,107 marshmallows are roasted every year.
  3. Over 15,000 pounds of free hot chocolate is served each year.
  4. 60% of people who visit Bentleyville drive over 51 miles to attend.
  5. Over 4,000 pounds of popcorn is handed out each year.
  6. The attraction uses over 12,000 extension cords.
  7. 17 semi-trailers are used to store Bentleyville's equipment.
  8. On top of that, 12 storage containers are also used as storage.
  9. Bentleyville has over five million lights on display.
  10. 400,000 cookies are given out and consumed each year.

I love these fun facts! It is interesting to see just how much goes into the big light festival. There are also some strange, hilarious facts about Bentleyville that may give you a chuckle.

If you're planning on going before it ends, you'll want to make sure you read up on some of the organizer's tips before making the trek! Thankfully, it's back open after being shut down from this month's big storm.

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