A few months ago, I was lucky enough to see Rivers Rutherford in Memphis, Tennessee at the Country Cares St. Jude Convention.  The last night at the convention, Randy Owen from Alabama invites some of his songwriting friends to perform the hit songs that they have written.  It is always an eye opening experience seeing these true musicians and poets.

Most country songs you hear on the radio are not written from the entertainers that perform them.  They are great performers, I'll give them that, but these songwriters are the "behind the scenes" people that touch are hearts and are all to often not recognized.  "When I Get Where I'm Going" is one of my favorite country songs.  It was a pleasure to see the songwriter perform it.  In my opinion, Rivers Rutherford has more emotion than anyone else who could sing this song.  I hope you enjoy this video I stumbled upon.

Other songs that Rivers Rutherford has written inculde:

Real Good Man

Stealing Cinderella

These Are My People

Cleaning This Gun

If You Ever Stop Loving Me

Living In Fast Forward

Bullets In The Gun

-and a whole bunch more!