You are being called on to represent. There are vacancies on the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) Board of Directors. You can have a say in shaping the the mass transit in our city.  Are you or someone you know interested?

They want a diverse pool of applicants and have four vacancies open on the nine member board.  The spot to be filled would represent the 1st, 3rd and 5th Council Districts and one At-Large position, so everyone is invited to apply. Your job on the DTA Board would be to provide valuable input on the public transit of our city.

Five of the Board Members represent the five City Council districts, one representative from the City of Superior, and three representing the City of Duluth At-Large. You'd need to be available the last Wednesday of each month to attend the meetings and each member may serve two consecutive three year terms on the Board.

There is a residency requirement to meet, but if you do you are encouraged to apply.  You can apply a couple of different ways.  Fill out and submit an application either online or bring your application on paper to the City Clerk’s office, Room 330, Duluth City Hall, 411 W 1st Street, Duluth, MN 55802.