Every year, the Minnesota DNR has a free weekend for parents to ice fish with their children.  On Feb. 16th -18th, anyone 16 or older does not need a fishing license if they are accompanied by a child.  The DNR website also has some tips for beginners who would like to take out their children.

This last weekend I took my kid brother out on the ice for the first time.  We didn't catch anything, but we had some fun.  Here's some questions he had:
How do we catch the minnows that we are going to use for bait?

So the fish just swim up here?

How long do we have to wait before we catch one?

There's a crack on the ice over there. I'm too young to die.

I think cheese itz are great for ice fishing.

I'll eat just about anything, but my brother is a real pain sometimes. He's so picky.

So when we catch a fish, does it come up in a block of ice?  (Took the term ice fishing literally).

I encourage you to get out and fish and make some great memories.  Remember to be safe!