Songs from Children’s TV & Movies That Drive Parents Nuts
Whether its theme songs from their TV shows or catchy Disney songs, this list is something a lot of parents can relate to.  It's not always that the songs are that bad, but it's that they get stuck in our heads.  As grown adults, we walk around with these songs in our head...
Watch the First Minute from the New X-Files Series [VIDEO]
When I first heard that The X-Files were coming back with the original stars and writers, I was very excited.  I watched the original series and still watch reruns whenever I stumble upon them.  After watching the intro to the new series, I find myself even more excited.
New TV Series Could Be Set On The North Shore
This is pretty exciting news!  A TV crime drama is being developed to be set on the North Shore.  It's based on a trilogy of novels by Norwegian writer Vidar Sundstol.   Slingshot Global Media has made the deal to bring it to the small screen, according to the Pioneer Press.

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