Got an unpaid ticket?  Did you skip out on paying a traffic fine?   Any other outstanding warrants?  Superior Police Department will be coming for you beginning in March.  They've announced that they need to clear up the warrant books, hold some people accountable, and get unpaid fines taken care of.

Be sure to check the list to make sure you or your family and friends aren't on it.  In many cases these warrants can be cleared up just by paying the fine.  The Douglas County Website has the list of warrants.

From Superior Police Department Facebook:

You will find links for Capias Warrants, Arrest & Bench Warrants, and Committment Warrants. This is an easy way for you to check and see if you, family members, or friends have active warrants. In the case of the Capias and Committment Warrants you can contact the Clerk of Courts at 715-395-1499 to pay off the fine or possibly set up a payment plan. The goal of these public annoucments is to gain volunatry compliance and to help people avoid getting arrested by taking care of the warrant before March. Once the enforcement phase begins in March the liklihood of you being arrested for the outstanding warrants increases. The Superior Police Department will also begin posting photos of the most wanted from the warrant list and seek tips from the public on their whereabouts.