Popular jewelry looks a lot like Muskie & Northern fishing lures.  That mean's they will work very similar to attracting biting action from fish.

I'd like to show you something.  This is a muskie lure:


Mepps Amazon.com

This lure is a Mepp's dressed spinner.  It's a very popular lure used to catch Muskellunge and Northern Pike.  The key part of what makes this work is the flashy spinner up front.   The flash mimics the action of a swimming minnow or bait fish.  That's what muskie's go after.

Let me show you something else.  This is an ankle bracelet that's a popular seller on amazon.com.

BeOne via Amazon.com


Do you see the similarity?  Once again light reflecting off the dangling jewelry is going to trigger the same predatory instinct for these fish and they'll lunge at it.  We've seen it happen twice this summer in Island Lake, both were involving ankle bracelets.  Here's more on the attack from WDIO.


I'm not blaming anyone for wearing them, as they didn't know.  But parents should know now to make sure their kids aren't wearing anything shiny in these lakes.  Especially lakes with high numbers of Muskie and Northerns.  Spread the word.  This includes recklessness, bracelets, earrings, etc.