Last night about 3700 Superior residents lost power at about 8:30pm.  According to WDIO the Winter Street Substation went down causing the north part of Superior to go dark.  It really wasn't a big deal as the power was back on in an hour, but it did cause some commotion at our house.

It was bed time for our 3 year old and the house suddenly going dark didn't sit too well with him.  I can't blame him, because I was a little startled too.  Like an idiot I yelled from downstairs, "Power's out!"  "Really? You think?"  That's the response I got.  Then I tried to remember the last time I paid the power bill.  Hmm... Yep two weeks late.  Luckily the neighbors were out of power too.

Of course we didn't have a flash light anywhere.  I was able to find a candle and light it and bring it upstairs to his room.  I hate candles.  I am a nervous wreck that the cat will knock one over and start the house on fire.  So any lit candle had to be within view at all times.  I know, I'm paranoid.

I stumbled my way outside to the garage and dug around and found a flashlight.  I headed back to the house and realized I had locked myself out.  Crap!  Luckily the front door was unlocked so I was able to get in.  Just a moment of panic.

So we spent the next hour in Zach's room calming him down and getting him to sleep.  I couldn't leave him in there with a candle burning alone, so we sat there just waiting.  He finally fell asleep.  Then immediately after, the power came back on.  Perfect timing.  Shawna grabbed the candle and blew it out.  She was standing directly underneath the smoke detector.  From the other room I was yelling in a whisper, "move away with that, come here! You're going to set off the smoke detector!"  "What? (more whispered yelling)  Luckily we didn't set off the smoke detector, and the rest of the night was uneventful.

It's kinda sad that in our lives now we have no idea what to do at home when the power is out.  We could have played cards or something, but we couldn't find them.  Electricity is one of those things we take for granted, and quite honestly we are screwed without it.  Our furnace won't kick on without power. The refrigerator, freezer, dehumidifier, and even the sump pump won't work.  Luckily it was just over an hour and we were able to "rough it".