I remember when the only thing to worry about on Halloween was whether your bag was big enough to carry all your candy and be careful not to trip on your costume when running through the yards in your mother's high heels.  Times have changed and prompted technology to get involved to keep your family safe and it's free until Halloween.

It's called the Trick-or-Tracker mobile app and allows parents to monitor the whereabouts of their little ones at all times on Halloween. You just have to install the app on both your and your child's phone .  There are two different versions of Trick or Tracker®, the SMS Notification version and the Push Notification version.

On demand you will be able to locate your child, or vice versa.  You can even have pre-determined check-in times.  It will also allow your child to send a distress message to you which will give you their exact physical location at that time with the use of a satellite map.  You could set it to notify you if your child veers of the route you have discussed and will let you know when they have reached their destination.

This app runs in the background of your phone, so it is not expected to drain your battery.

Now besides making sure they look both ways before crossing the street and that they don't eat any of their candy before they get home and you can inspect it, you can have some peace of mind that you will know where they are throughout the night.