This may sound crazy, but hear me out.  Bee stings are definitely something that happens while riding a motorcycle.  I've known several people that this has happened too, and yesterday it happened to me.  See, what happens is you're riding along down the road and you run into a bee, or a wasp...  It may get caught in your shirt, jacket, pants leg, or even your helmet.  Then, it gets nasty.

Of course, if the bee is stuck in a tight spot, it will sting to get it's way out.   Yesterday I was riding along when I felt a sharp pain in my side.  I thought it was just a rock or bug that smacked into me, so at first I ignored it.   Then i felt another sharp pain, and then another...  I quickly pulled over the motorcycle, shut it off, and untucked my shirt to find a wasp of some kind that had made a pin cushion out of me.

Scary thing to deal with when you are on a motorcycle and can't jump off right away and take care of it.  And let me tell you, 3 wasp stings is definitely worse than just 1!!

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Wear tighter fitting clothing so insects can't get in...

Wear a full face helmet.... Half helmets can trap the bee in between your ear.  (Or other gross bugs too.)

Keep your mouth shut if you don't have a windshield... (I've swallowed my share of bugs.)

Of course if it's a hot day like yesterday, sometimes you just gotta take the risk, and get stung.