Frozen pizzas.  They are probably the easiest meal out there.   From bachelors to hard working moms (and dads like myself) they make for a quick easy meal.  That was the case tonight.  I wanted a quick easy meal, but I didn't want the same old boring frozen pizza.  At the suggestion of a friend, I went out to buy a couple of Lotzza Motzza pizza's made by Brew Pub.

Now, I'm not 100% sure on the price of these.  I had a coupon where it only cost about $4.50.  Which is still a little bit more than I'm used to paying for a frozen pie.  It said the regular price was $9.99, but that seems a little high.  My receipt marked it down from the previous price of 5.75.  So I'm not sure if it's one of the products they have on an almost permanent price cut.

There is a lot of cheese on this for a frozen pizza.   Which there damn well better be if it's called "Lottza Mottza."  So it doesn't disappoint on the cheese.  It has plenty of sauce too, which is very important for a good tasting pizza.   There's also ample toppings, which is a bonus.


What surprised me was the crust.  It turned out pretty darn good!  I had a pepperoni and a supreme pizza.  Both were delicious, and it has become my new favorite for frozen pizzas.  I'll just have to look for them on special.