Last night I was watching the news and they gave us tips for staying warm.  Tips included:

  • Stay inside
  • If a part of your body goes numb, get inside
  • Don't leave skin exposed to cold for long periods of time
  • make sure your house has insulation

Are there really people that dumb that need that reminder?
I guess if you were from a warmer climate and lived under a rock maybe you wouldn't understand the concept.

So, last night I was thinking of some actual tips that might help you out.  Most of it comes down to traveling, because once you leave your home, that's when you are in danger.  Here's how I prepare these frigid below zero temperatures.

  • Make sure you always have over half a tank of gas in your car.  Never run your car under half a tank for two reasons.  First off, if you get stuck in the snow, you don't want your car to die and lose your heater.  Secondly, it's harder to start your car because the inside of your tank can actually freeze with condensation.  It doesn't happen often, but it can happen.
  • Pack a winter survival kit.  Have some extra blankets, a flashlight, a candle and matches, a couple of granola bars, etc.
  • Let your car warm up for a few minutes before you drive it.  Most newer vehicles don't need very long, but it's nice to start it up and just get the parts moving before you take off.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.  With everything buttoned down, if you have a carbon monoxide leak in your home, now is the time when it's deadly.

And of course, stay the heck inside when you can!