The world exploded with happiness over the announcement that Prince William and wife Kate are expecting their first child!  Oh biscuits and tea, aren't you excited??  What do you think they will name the baby?  If history has anything to do with it, there's some pretty awful royal names.  Let's go over a few of the bad ones and nudge the couple in the right direction.

Girl names:

Constanza -  Yep!  How would you like your daughters name that close to George Costanza?  It's actually a name that was commonly used among noble familes.

Olga - That's a gimme.  Actually the meaning of the name for Russian babies is "holy."  Like holy cow that's a horrible name to give a girl.

Frederica -  Adding an "a" to the end of Frederic doesn't really make it more feminine.

Eugenie - Ugh.  Much like the above Fredericka, we think of a shoe salesman who is balding that goes by the name of Eugene.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, Gene (at athlete's foot), it's just not a good girls name.

Boy names:

Esme - Sounds like a sneeze.

Humphrey - What do you call them for short?  Just think of the nicknames.

Ernest -  It's making a comeback, watch out!

All kidding aside, I'm sure whatever name they choose will go over well with the baby crazed world.