Christmas decorations are in stores and the shopping season is about to get into full swing.  As I got to thinking about what my kids want this year, I got to thinking about and missing the toys I had as a kid.  They weren't all the best toys, but there were mine.

Here are 5 toys that I miss the most, what toys did you love as a kid?


  • 1

    Max Machine

    Perhaps The Worst Toy, But A First For Me

    The Max Machine came out in the late 70's and it was probably the worst remote controlled toy ever made.  You basically turned it on and clicked the red lever, which would make it change direction.  However, you had no control over which direction it would go next.

    That being said, this little yellow car, or van I guess, was the first remote controlled toy that I ever owned, so it holds a special place in my heart.

    The unpredictable Max Machine - For sale by UZED on Ebay
  • 2

    Original Star Wars Action Figures

    Nothing beats the original.

    When the original Star Wars came out, they weren't prepared for its popularity.  If fact, there were no action figures to purchase yet so you basically purchased a stand and a promise that they would start to arrive in the mail.

    I couldn't wait for them to arrive and when they finally did, I played with them nonstop.  Of course a kid should play with his toys, but if I would've saved them in their boxes they'd be worth thousands of dollars today.

    Action figures are everywhere now, but owning the originals after waiting weeks to get them in the mail was something special.

  • 3

    Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure

    Make the Bionic Noise With Me "Na na na na na"

    I loved to watch "The Six Million Dollar Man" on TV as a kid, so why wouldn't I love the big action figure that came with it?

    Like the old GI Joe's back in the day, this was a full sized action figure.  Not only that, but it had a bionic eye you could look through and you could roll up the skin on his arm to see his bionics.

    When I played with my Six Million Dollar Man, bad guys and Bigfoot didn't stand a chance.

  • 4

    Evel Knievel Toys

    I Can Crash My Toy Just Like The Real Evel Knievel

    In the 70's Evil Knievel captured the attention of everyone by trying crazy stunts like jumping over cars with his motorcycle and jumping over Snake River Canyon in a rocket.

    What little boy  wouldn't be enthralled by Evel Knievel?  Once the toys came out, allowing you to create your own stunts, I couldn't wait to set up all kinds of things.

    My Evel Knievel jumped over Star Wars space ships, Matchbox cars, my cats and everything I could think of.  In fact, I want to get one now and set up stunts with my kids.

  • 5

    My First Big Wheel

    Before I Could Ride A Bike, I Could Ride A Big Wheel

    I loved my Big Wheel.  I was lucky to have a yard with a lot of hills, so I would ride it down all the hills without having my feet on the pedals to see how fast I would go.

    I would also do my own stunts by standing up and balancing on my Big Wheel as it went down the hill, much to my moms horror.

    Add in the power break that allowed you to spin out and my Big Wheel provided endless entertainment in the great outdoors!

    I love thinking back to the days when toys like this dominated my free time.  While I have nothing against video games, I've played more than my fair share, I always loved toys that let you be creative, play with others and get outside.