In many cases, your GPS can be a life saver. In others, it’ll lead your car into a scary neighborhood, the wrong way on a one-way road or worse — into a body of water.

A woman who was using the GPS in her rental car while in Bellevue, Washington learned the hard way that you can’t always trust your GPS.

The system guided her down a boat launch just after midnight on Wednesday. Because it was dark and she was in an unfamiliar territory, the woman — who was with two others — drove the rented SUV straight into a swampy area, with the vehicle going under the water.

The driver and her two passengers were able to make it to shore unharmed, but the SUV wasn’t so fortunate. In fact,  when the tow truck driver arrived just four hours later, the rented vehicle was fully submerged.

The car was eventually located and pulled out from the murky water and the women blame the GPS system for the catastrophe.

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