Another senseless tragedy occurred early Monday morning when a alcohol related crash killed 3 people, including a toddler.  It was around 1 am, when a driver on probation for a previous DWI collided head on with another vehicle on I-35 while he was going the wrong way. It's just horrible, and could have been easily avoided.  It has never been easier to get around or get home without drinking and driving.

You can call a cab! They still are around and still work fine.  How about Uber or Lyft?  I mean these things are SO EASY to use you can do it drunk.  I've ordered and Uber leaving a bar.  It was a great experience and the best part was I didn't need to have cash on me.

I can't think of an excuse, especially with all these safer ways to get home to put someone's life at risk by getting behind the wheel.  Please, just don't drink and drive.


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