Every time I get on my bike I always realize that what I am about to do can be dangerous.  So far it's worth the risk, as it is something that I enjoy very much.

I stumbled on this video today that basically gives you safety tips and tells you what not to do.  The crashes are nasty, and definitely a good motivational tool for you to do some of the following things:

1.  Wear A Helmet - If you don't, you're stupid.  2.  Drive within your limits. The best example of this is people showing off.  Also some people riding in groups will try to keep up with a more experienced rider and lose control on those twisty roads.  There's no shame in backing off a little and going at your comfort level.  Not to mention, their bike may handle and turn better/different.  Don't push it!

3.  No shorts, no flip flops. I always wear boots and jeans when I ride.  Pavement hurts.

4.  Be properly trained. There's plenty of affordable classes available.  I plan on taking the advanced riders course this spring.  I'm a very capable rider, but from what I've heard the advanced class can really be an eye-opener.

5.  Good working bike. If even one thing on your motorcycle isn't working perfectly, don't take it out.  Think of it as an airplane where if one little thing goes wrong, you could die.

6.  You're invisible. Act and drive like no one can see you, because a lot of the time they can't.

7.  Watch out for deer! I can't tell you how many times I've had to do emergency braking to avoid a deer.  The key is to always scan the shoulders and have good working brakes.  Also on a remote road with no traffic, practice stopping as fast and safely as you can.  You'll be surprised how fast you can stop your bike.  Start out stopping quickly like you normally do, then repeat and try to shorten the distance each time.  Remember to use both brakes.

8.  Good Tires. I was in an accident when I was younger because my rear tire didn't appear to be that worn, but when riding on water it was like a racing slick.  Pay really close attention to both tires and don't try to squeeze a few more miles out of them.

9.  Use your mirrors at intersections, too. Whenever I pull up to a stop sign, I always check my mirrors to make sure the car behind me is stopping.  If they don't, I'm ready to jet out of the way.

10.  Drunk Driving & Motorcyces Don't Mix. If you are impaired you should stay away.  There are some scary videos of drunks crashing their bikes.  Yikes.


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