We just finished our third weekend camping already this year, and May isn't even over. We've been enjoying getting to know different campgrounds. We bought a Wisconsin State Park sticker this year, so naturally we decided to try out a couple that we were able to get sites at. Here's some useful information on our experience at the Totogatic State Park.

First, how the heck do you say Totogatic? I'm not sure if there really is a right answer because we asked around with locals and they all gave us different pronunciations. I think the most correct way it  "Toe Toe Gaa Tic," However, a bunch of people pronounce it "Toe Ga Tech." Who knows? Moving on.

This is a nice campground that has a lot of sites right on the Minong Flowage. If you pick a site next to the water, odds are you'll be able to moor your boat to a tree and keep it on the shore. We saw a lot of people doing that. There also is a launch right at the campground.

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The best site at the campground is site 70. That's only available on a first come, first serve basis. It's right as you drive in just passed where the firewood is sold. It's a really cool, large, and mostly private spot where you can park your boat right in the water.

There's two loops to the campground: North & South. We ended up staying in the South loop. We walked through both though and looked at some sites to see which one we would try for next time. The North loop was a little busier but it was also closer to the playground, beach area, and volleyball court.

Only problem we encountered with the campground was our site was horrendously difficult to back into, if not impossible. I'm pretty good with a trailer and never really have a problem. The site we got was back in site 32. The problem was our trailer was too long and there were too many trees lining each side of the road. So when I would be moving truck the front fender almost kept running into trees. Finally, we ended up driving the wrong way around the loop and backing in the other way. Not ideal, but we got it done.

If this is your first trip with a camper that you need to back in, good luck. I'd do some practicing first because there are a lot of those large pines that get in the way.

Another thing to know is that not many of these sites are level. Bring plenty of leveling blocks and materials. It is a little bit of a challenge in some of the sites.

Also if you are getting an electric site be sure to bring an extension cord. Most of the electric boxes are right next to the road, so you may have to run a cord to the back of your camper like we did.

They do sell firewood and what a great deal it is! For five bucks you get a wheel barrow full. We had enough wood for the whole weekend for just $10. It's not open some weekdays in May, but does open up later. They have an attendant there selling firewood from 6-8pm. They also do have some ice for sale as well.

The RV dump station was up and running. We beat the long line of campers by just minutes. If you don't want to get stuck in the stinky line, try to head out at not the peak time which is around noon. Non registered campers can also use the dump station for a $10.00 fee.

There's a lot of fun little bars and restaurants around. The area is really beautiful. We also golfed at Black Bear Golf Club in Minong. That was a pretty nice course, too. We had a great weekend and look forward to going back to the Totogatic State Park.

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