Coronavirus cases are surging in many states, including Wisconsin. As of July 30, there were 56,111 cases in Wisconsin with a daily increase of 870. 928 people have died in the state from COVID-19. Because of the recent surge, Governor Tony Evers has declared a state emergency and issued a mask mandate for the entire state.

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The order takes effect at 12:01am on August 1 and extends to September 28. Anyone older than the age of 5 is required to wear a mask whenever indoors or in an enclosed space with someone other than their family. This of course includes bars and restaurants, but customers are not required to wear masks when eating or drinking.

The order overrides any local county or city mask order, however they are allowed to make stricter rules if they wish. Superior voted on a mandatory mask mandate last week. Other cities and counties across Wisconsin also have already ordered their own mask mandate. Most major retailers are also requiring customers to wear masks.

Governor Evers cited the recent state Supreme Court ruling that canceled his Stay At Home Order as a reason he hadn't made the mask mandate sooner. According to The Star Tribune, Republican legislators are not happy about the mandate and question if it's constitutional. However, unlike the stay at home order Speaker Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says they won't sue to end it.

Once again, the mask mandate takes effect on August 1 and runs through September 28th. It could be extended again at that time.

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