The Wisconsin DNR is planning on closing down the Wisconsin wolf hunt early after filling half of the wolf quota in just the first two days. It was reported that in the first day hunters killed 52 wolves. WDIO reports that on Tuesday morning there had been a total of 60 wolves killed by hunters and trappers out of the 119 wolf quota statewide.

The Wisconsin DNR announced that they would be shutting down the hunt in three management sections beginning Wednesday morning at 10am. Those zones include zone 2 which is the Northeast section of the state. Zone 5 is in the central section of the state and will close as well on Wednesday, along with zone 6 on the southern section of the state. The rest of the zones are scheduled to remain open until their quota is filled or February 28, including zones 1 and 3 in Northwestern Wisconsin.

You can find the latest up to date information on the Wisconsin wolf hunt on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website. 

Wolves were taken off of the federal protected endangered species list last fall under former President Donald Trump's administration. The Wisconsin DNR had planned to hold the season in the fall, but pro wolf hunt organizations sued the Wisconsin DNR demanding that the hunt take place in February. The hunting organizations wanted the hunt to take place as President Joe Biden has ordered a review on the decision to remove the gray wolf from the protected species list.

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They won their case in the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the wolf hunt was ordered to take place in February. The DNR appealed the decision, but courts rejected it.

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