This may be the best way to catch a criminal ever. Ha! One Wisconsin bakery just took the top prize for best AND most creative way to find justice.

The bakery in question is the Canfora Bakery, a popular spot in Milwaukee. They shared on their Facebook page earlier this month that they were robbed in April. According to their post, they were robbed of equipment and cash.

Instead of letting it slide or eating the cash they lost, they decided to take matters into their own hands. How? Well, they got really creative. They took security footage of the suspect from the robbery and slapped it on some delicious cookies.

This is amazing in every single way. Take a look at the unique treats below:

I love that this bakery not only got creative and made light of a bad situation, but they also killed the marketing game with this one! They invited everyone to come "take a bite out of the thief" with the treats in an effort to get the word out and hopefully find the guy.

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Not only did they make headlines all over the country but the suspect was identified! It's all because of some delicious sugar cookies. I'm sure the robber didn't think this one through when he decided to break in and steal.

Canfora Bakery is a European style bakery that specializes in treats like bread, cookies and pastries. Apparently they also specialize in solving crimes!

There have been many interesting crime stories to make headlines lately, especially in Minnesota and Wisconsin. In Minnesota recently, a woman made headlines for driving through a cemetery and interrupting her ex-boyfriend's funeral.

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