With the cold snap in Texas some people are going to feel the hurt when their gas bill comes, some in Minnesota.

According to MSN gas prices will go up all over, but in the Northern states, the cold snap was up there too, which made the demand for gas high both in Texas and Minnesota. In Minnesota, there will be some people getting bills that will be much higher than they have seen in recent years, but Texas could reach from $300 up to $1000. OUCH!

MSN goes on to say that large gas companies that are investor-held will pass the huge price they pay on to the consumer. Though Texas will pay through the nose, Minnesota businesses like Xcel said that their customers won't get surprised as much as our friends to the south.

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What about Duluth? The Star Tribune is reporting that ComfortSystems, the city's natural gas provider, was protected from the sudden rise in prices caused by the cold and storms in Texas. Duluth officials said that if bills are higher than expected for February, it is probably because of the long stretch of subzero temps we experienced. People on the Iron Range may see a huge increase.

KAAL is reporting that Governor Tim Walz made a statement saying he is glad the Public Utilities Commission is opening an investigation, that his administration will keep an eye on everything using the Department of Commerce, and advocate for Minnesota consumers.

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