There's been talk about a bill introduced that would allow deer hunters to wear blaze pink in Wisconsin instead of blaze orange.   They're hoping that this will get more people (probably women) into hunting.  Sadly, it will be tough to get more people excited about hunting with a bucks only harvest.

Back when I was a teenager in the 90's, I began hunting.  At the time, in Northern Minnesota, where we hunted the deer population was at a very low number.  We didn't get a deer in our party for the first few years I hunted.  I gave up the sport, thinking it was a waste of time.   It wasn't until a decade later when I got back into it.  We ended up harvesting quite a few deer in the first couple years, and I was hooked.

The Wisconsin DNR has prohibited hunters from killing antlerless deer in 13 counties, including the Northland counties of Douglas, Bayfield, and others.

I'm not saying that the anterless ban is a bad thing.  It's a good thing in fact if we want to bring back the population.   But if we are looking around searching for answers why more people aren't hunting, maybe it's just because there aren't any deer out there.

It's just a thought.