It's a weird time to be alive and the proof is in this story: turkey is to blame for a traffic incident that occurred on a Minnesota interstate this month.

According to KARE 11 out of Minneapolis, a minor traffic incident was caused by a rogue turkey who crashed through the windshield of a semi on Wednesday (April 1st).

The incident occurred on I-35 eastbound near Pilot Knob Road in the Twin Cities. The windshield of the semi was completely smashed in.

Thankfully, the driver was not seriously hurt. After the turkey crash, he was able to pull over and flag down an officer, who found the driver AND the turkey in the semi.

The turkey was eventually captured safely from inside the semi and released in a safe place. The truck was no longer driveable.

I have so many questions about this - what was the turkey doing in the first place? Why did it hang out in the rig after the crash like nothing happened? Ha!

A different type of roadway incident happened in Wisconsin recently, after a truck carrying thousands of pounds of cheese got into a minor crash. I wonder what will happen next!

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