The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association announced that they will be limiting attendance to the State Basketball Tournaments for March 12-14 and March 19-21. This includes the boys basketball sectional semi-final and final games, the State Girls Basketball Tournament, and the State Boys Basketball Tournament.

According to a press release, the decision comes after WHO policies and guidelines.

“The WIAA has been keeping up with public health and medical updates and has recognized the changing environment over the past 24 hours,” Executive Director Dave Anderson said. “As good and responsible citizens, we are adhering to policies consistent to preventing the spread of COVID-19.”

The new policy for the tournament allows 22 personnel from the team. 88 tickets will be allowed for each team. Officials, scorekeeper, timer, announcer, team host, WIAA staff, WIAA athletic trainers, and board of control members will also be permitted to attend.

The live TV broadcast of the tournament will continue, but there will be limited access to radio stations for coverage.

Tickets will be refunded in full, but they ask you to allow two weeks time for the staff to complete these refunds.

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