It's official, filming has begun for the Top Gun Sequel.  Tom Cruise posted on instagram a picture of him with a jet in the background. Many people see this and wouldn't think twice, but the first thing I looked at was what kind of jet was out of focus in the background.

In the original Top Gun movie, a major star of the movie was the F-14 tomcat. It's a huge airplane, and was an air to air fighter.  These jets were decommissioned over 10 years ago, so we know that it most likely won't be in the movie, and least not in a major role.

The jet he's standing in front of on the teaser photo is the F/A 18 Super Hornet. This has been the go to jet for quite some time with the U.S. Navy. I've done some more reading about this and Popular Mechanics had a good point when it came to plane selection.

The F-18 is also and air to ground attack plane which could open up a bunch more action scenes and story lines. Some of us were waiting to see if they would use the F-35 fighter, but that plane is more of a stealth plane that would make kind of boring action scenes.

Either way, we're excited that the sequel is finally coming!

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