In this day and age, emojis are a big deal. They even made a movie about them. Most of us have one or two that really speak to us on a daily basis. Tuesday was even dedicated to the fun pictures - it was World Emoji Day. knew about this popularity and decided to figure out which emojis were the most popular in each state.

To get the end result, the website looked at what each state has Googled most the past 12 months, took an "informal" poll on the emoji everyone used most and did some research on Instagram.

It's worth mentioning that data could not be found for five states: New Hampshire. Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota and Delaware. You can use your imagination for those ones.

It turns out Minnesota and Wisconsin only have love for one emoji: the round smiley face with the heart eyes.


Nevada preferred the poop emoji (we have questions about that but we don't really want to know the answer). Texas loved the fire emoji while Florida liked the round face with tears streaming down its cheek.

Other popular emojis countrywide include the monkey with its hands over its eyes, the eye roll and the thumbs up.

I have been known to use emojis in all of my conversations. Far and away, my most used emoji is the laughing smiley face with tears. I also like the praying hands, the sunglass emoji, the unicorn and the simple heart. While these are my favorites, I love pretty much all emojis and always will.

If there aren't any that have your heart at this time, hang tight. Apple announced earlier this week that they are rolling out new ones later this year.

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