We happened to be on vacation when the solar eclipse of 2017 was going to take place.  I was bummed because I suspected we were just going to miss the whole thing.  I knew we weren't going to experience a total eclipse, but wanted to be outside to see what would happen.  We ended up on the downtown streets of Spooner, WI and what a strange feeling it was.

We realized as we headed into town to explore that we would not be near a TV during the time of the eclipse, but continued our trek to downtown Spooner, WI to shop anyhow.  As we wandered down Walnut street we noticed that while it was cloudy, it was darker than normal and we attributed it to the beginning of the eclipse.  We also noticed how calm it was and the fact that the birds had stopped chirping and the wind was now non-existent.  It truly was an eerie feeling.  We stopped in front of The Wobblin' Duck Saloon and decided we were thirsty.  It was our best decision because they had the TV's on showing what was happening in the rest of the world and they had a pair of "safe viewing" glasses we were all using to watch the eclipse.  *Oh, a correction in the video, I misspeak and ask where you watched the "total" eclipse.  We were not in the path of the total eclipse and meant, the solar eclipse. Please forgive, I was watching it from a bar :)

Thanks to Sandy, our friendly bartender for serving us, chatting and for helping us view the solar eclipse in the best way we could.  Our memory of the 2017 solar eclipse is a great one because of who we were able to share it with.  Where were you and who did you share the moment with?

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