I've been in a real sandwich kick lately.  I've been trying new ones from different places and trying to expand my horizons.  One of the things that I've noticed is the kind of sandwiches that people order reflect their personality.  I'll show you what I mean:

Roast Beef - You're a dude that believes meat is the most important part of a sandwich.  You're hardworking, hate cats.

Ham - You like the salty middle of the sandwich the best.  It represents you're goals in life.  Once you get where you're going, you'll still be thirsty for more.  Learn to manage your expectations.

Salami - You want to cram as much fat calories as you can in a sandwich.  You probably a blue collar worker, because salami doesn't spoil easy, and you never know when you're going to get a break.

Chicken Salad - Your life is so busy and such a mess that you have to fit 2 meals into one.  Either that or you can't decide between a real sandwich or a chicken salad.

Meatball - You're probably the only fat person in line at Subway.  Most people go their to eat healthy, you go there to get a portable spaghetti dinner.

Turkey - Could you be more boring?  Really?  Also most likely to "check in" with Facebook at the Sandwich place because you are that bored.

Peanut Butter & Jelly: You've probably got hungry kids at home, so you always have it on hand.  If you order it at Erbert's & Gerbert's, what the hell is wrong with you?  I mean seriously, you had to go pay someone to make that?

Pastrami - One of the few combinations that can go just with bread and cheese.  You like a little spice in your life, but nothing to flashy.

BLT -  You're someone who likes to eat a little bit lighter of a sandwich, but can't give up the tasty fatty stuff.  In life, you have a nice balance of work and play.

Grilled Cheese - You're down to earth, have old fashioned values.  Also, if you order this at a restaurant, you really need to get out more.

Mulitple meats/ fancy sandwiches - This is kind of my thing.  What it says about me?  I have anxiety issues with deciding which meat I want more, so I combine them.  I'm also most likely to impatient in line, and probably pretty hungry.  I also prefer going to places that don't ask you what you want on your sandwich, because for crying out loud I make enough decisions daily.  Just throw the crap on the bread, and if I don't really like it I'll scrape it off.