(Photo by Tom Briglia/Getty Images for Revel)

Bayfront Bluesfest promises to be the biggest and best year ever, and they have never let anyone down. People wonder what should I bring for the weekend. Here’s a little list I’ve prepared for you.



Do-Bring a rain poncho or small umbrella.

Don’t-Bring a tent.


Do-Bring a lawn chair, fold up chair, camping chair, or blanket. (One chair per person)

Don’t-Bring a chaise lounge, tanning lounge, office chair or couch.


Do-Bring a stroller or playpen

Don’t-Bring your Daycare set-up of a slide, swings and sandbox.


Do-Bring a book, headphones to monitor the weather, or playing cards.

Don’t-Bring lawn darts, horse shoes, or any beach type games.


Do-Bring your air guitar, bass, drums and feel free to “Rock It Out” all weekend long.

Don’t-Get really drunk sing at the top of your lungs with the wrong words.


Do-Bring the least amount of stuff from your purse or wallet, Bluesfest is not responsible

if you lose your baby pictures or credit cards.

Don’t-Bring a gym bag full of twinkies or a cooler, bottles, or outside food or drink.


Do-Feel free to use the Biffies located on the grounds.

Don’t-Bring a porta-pottie or a plastic bag to pick up your “accident”, let me just say the

trees get watered on a regular basis, you don’t need to help.


Do-Bring sunglasses or binoculars to see better.

Don’t-Bring any recording devices, audio or video, really, drinking all that beer are you

gonna put together an award winning documentary, no. It will be your friends

showing their naked rear end and flipping you off.


Do-Be prepared to have your bags and purses searched at the door.

Don’t-Expect that you will be groped during this search like the FAA. Unless you want to

be groped, then come and visit the KOOL 101.7 booth…..he he!!


Do-Bring a jacket, sunscreen, lip balm, extra socks.

Don’t-Wear a thong bikini and hope that will be good enough for the whole weekend,

after all, where will you put your change?


Do-Bring cash to enjoy adult beverages (or soda), great food, or buy merchandise from

the performers and Bayfront Blues.

Don’t-Expect a refund or rain check. The shows are rain or shine.


If you are smart, you won’t let your friends or yourself drive home drunk!! For more on Bayfront Bluesfest, click here.


Overall, just have fun this weekend, and enjoy the best place to see it!!

For complete General Information, click here.