What's in a name?  A lot - especially for those parents who are picking one out for their newborn baby.  Names seem to come and go - with some trending for a while and others slipping out of fashion.  While a lot of attention gets paid to baby names that trend on the national scale, their popularity at the local level can differ.

So what were the most popular baby names in Duluth in 2020?  To answer the question, we only need to take a look at the condensed list offered by St. Luke's.  St. Luke's has just released their list of Top Baby Names of 2020.

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According to the information released by St. Luke's, more than 760 babies were born in the Northland.  For both girls and boys - there was a tie in 2020 for the most-popular names.  As far as girls go, there was a two-way tie between Charlotte and Eleanor (or Eleanora) - with six baby girls receiving those names apiece.  For the boys, it was also a tie - a three-way tie - between Henry, Jackson (or Jaxson), and Thomas - with five baby boys each receiving those names apiece.

Here are some more of the top names - for both boys and girls:

  • Charlotte (6)
  • Eleanore (or Elenora)  (6)
  • Henry  (5)
  • Jackson (or Jaxson)  (5)
  • Thomas  (5)
  • Abigail  (4)
  • Aiden  (4)
  • Arthur  (4)
  • Dawson  (4)
  • Eli  (4)
  • Ezra  (4)
  • Ivy (or Ivee)  (4)
  • Jaden, Jayden, or Jaydenn  (4)
  • Joseph  (4)
  • Liam  (4)
  • Penelope  (4)
  • Theodore (4)
  • William  (4)
  • Wyatt  (4)

Interesting to note as well is the trend of creative names of newborns in the area.  In information released by St. Luke's, they put a spotlight on a few:  Azriel, Clariteigh, Marek, Navy, and Tahini.

St. Luke's Hospital offers a full-service birthing center for expectant parents from all over the region.  To learn more, click here.

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