Blake Shelton had an epiphany recently. The "I'll Name the Dogs" singer realized what makes his buddy Luke Bryan country and decided to share it with the world!

"I wanted to take a minute and tell you my buddy Luke Bryan has a new album that just came out and it's called What Makes You Country," he says in a video clip, which he shared on Twitter. "It got me thinking, if he's saying that, what makes you country, I start thinking what makes Luke country?"

"Really, the only thing I could come up with is he looks inbred," Shelton deadpans.

It's an odd way to help a friend promote an album, definitely, but true-to-form for Shelton. This is how their bromance works!

Bryan hadn't responded at press time, but perhaps he shared choice words with Shelton in private. The longtime friends and country stars have poked fun at each other numerous times over the years. Recently, when Bryan learned that Shelton had been named People's Sexiest Man Alive, he was certain he was being punked.

"Oh ... oh my goodness," he said, reacting to seeing Shelton's mug on the cover. Then, after a few seconds of silence: "Blake Shelton. Sexiest Man Alive. I'm speechless. He's taken so many things from me and now this? Who in the hell is choosing this? Am I being punked?"

So maybe Bryan deserved it.

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