I can't believe I'm 31 years old and only discovered this in the last year.  This is in my opinion the best meat ever.  Regular bacon is the reigning champ, but I think it's because more people have tried cottage bacon.

Cottage bacon is thinly sliced meat from the shoulder of a pig.  It is more lean than fatty, streaky bacon.  But don't worry, it still has enough grease to make it tasty.  As you can see in the picture, it's more of a rectangular or oval shape, compared to the strips of bacon that you are used to.

The best way I can describe it is like a really thick bacon that doesn't shrink down to nothing while you cook it.  It's perfect for eating by itself.  It really shines when you use it in a sandwich, or as a topping to a burger because of the shape.

Here it is cooked:  (We had already ate a bunch and almost forgot to snap a pic.)

Ken Hayes

Cottage bacon isn't something you usually can find right next to the other bacon.  Try a meat shop, or special order from a butcher.   It's excellent!