Craig Ferguson announced that he and CBS are "Consciously Uncoupling," of course making light of the fact that he is leaving the Late, Late Show after almost a decade.  He replaced Craig Kilborn back in 2005.  He quickly became my favorite late night host.

What did I like about Ferguson?  He had a bizarre sense of humor that was unpredictable, which is so hard to find.  He was honest and kind during his jokes.   You didn't have to feel bad laughing along with him.  He connected with the audience unlike anyone else.  Very few people on TV made it feel like I was a guest at home.  There's something special about Ferguson, and I hate to see him go.  Luckily for us, he's already got some projects coming up including hosting Celebrity Name Game.

Here's my all time favorite Craig Ferguson Monologues, that sums up just about every part of him that I love.