I am pretty sure Friends is everybody's favorite show so why not get paid to watch it?

Best Value Schools is looking for five lucky people to watch the first five seasons of Friends in exchange for one-grand each. To put this in perspective, that is less than forty-five hours of television and works out to more than twenty-two bucks an hour.

This job isn't just for anyone though: you should be a fan of the show and you should also have a great social media presence. Once you finish watching the first five seasons of the show, you will need to rank all of the different episodes and post your list online. You must also be at least eighteen years old and live in the United States.

This job just keeps getting better because if you are one of the chosen few, you will get a bag full of Friends swag and a gift card to order food while you binge. What could be better than that? You can apply on the company's website here.

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I have seen so many of these contests recently. Different websites and companies have been getting some great marketing for their brands by offering up a cash prize in exchange for some binge-watching. Most recently, a similar contest was announced, with applications over for a lucky individual to watch the James Bond franchise.

I should probably be very open here before I let you go. I have never seen an episode of Friends! I know this is crazy. Maybe I would be the perfect person for the job. Ha!

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