It's hard to imagine what it is like being inside of one of the stunt planes that performs breathtaking aerobatic stunts at the Duluth Airshow. Thanks to Ian, one of the brave on-air personalities on our sister station, we got to go along for a ride in the Jack Link's Extra 300L performance plane.

After the pilot got Ian comfortable with the plane, the real fun kicks in during the video above. The pilot performed barrel rolls, stalls, and a number of other wild tricks over Lake Superior while Ian held on for the ride. Check out the awesome and hilarious video above, and check out some cool photos of the ride below. In case you're wondering why he is occasionally scowling at the camera, it's because I talked him into going for the ride, and I was also the one behind the camera in the chaser plane (insert evil laugh here).

This plane will be one of many performing at the 2016 Duluth Airshow, July 9-10.

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