John Krasinski recently appeared on the cover of Men's Health magazine all buffed out with muscle.  He definitely has a more serious look, no smiles, and doesn't appear to be the good ol Jim Halpert on 'The Office.'  He bulked up to play an ex US Navy Seal in the real life story of the Benghazi attack.  The movie is called 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

Watch the trailer and see if you notice anything particular.


There's not a single word spoken by John in the trailer.  That's no accident.  They are showing that he is a star of the movie, but also that he's not the wise cracking guy that you are familiar with.  There's a little bit of mystery about it, and I know that I'm going to go see the movie to see if John can pull off the hard ass navy seal role.

It's in Theaters on January 15th.

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