The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has an incredible live video stream of wild bald eagles living in nature.  This camera is placed right above the eagles nest.  Recently, the first eggs of the season from the perennially nesting pair of eagles were spotted and you can see them now.

The first egg this year arrived at 4:57 p.m. Saturday and the second Tuesday at 2:50 p.m. The DNR expects a third egg any time now.  Eagle's eggs tend to incubate for about 35 days before hatching.

This is the fifth year that the same pair of bald eagles have been live-streamed around the world by a small weatherproof camera mounted above their nest at an undisclosed location in the Twin Cities’ metro region.

I've had the video stream open in a browser all day today, an I find myself checking in on the next several times throughout the day.  It's amazingly clear and just a little addicting.

To access the video stream for multiple viewing options, and get all kinds of helpful eagle information, just click the link below.

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