The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has released incredible video of a truck plunging off an overpass before falling 70 feet and landing on the highway below.

The incident took place in the Milwaukee area on the morning of  Saturday, February 6.  According to Fox6 News Milwaukee, the driver was traveling on the Zoo Interchange ramp when it lost control and skidded into snow which had accumulated. The snow itself acted as a ramp, propelling the truck over the side of the ramp on onto the westbound lanes of I-94 below. That's a fall of 70 feet!

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Even more incredible than the video above is that the driver seems to be alright.  Luckily, the truck landed upright and the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office reportedly said two bystanders were providing medical aid to the driver who was conscious and breathing when deputies arrived on the scene.

It's also amazing that no vehicles happened to be traveling on the westbound lanes of I-94 as the truck fell from above.  That could've been horrible in a variety of ways.  Check out the video above and keep pay close attention to the upper left of the screen.



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