Jo Dee Messina just turned up in the most unexpected place: Walker Hayes' front porch.

The '90s and early '00s hitmaker has kept a low profile as Cole Swindell's reimagining of her song "Heads Carolina, Tails California" stormed to No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. "She Had Me at Heads Carolina" was a five-week chart-topper for Swindell, but aside from a very short appearance in his music video, the two haven't done anything together.

It turns out, Messina was looking for a dance partner. Watch as she joins Hayes and his "Fancy Like" dance collaborator and oldest daughter Lela for clip on his TikTok page:

Messina also posted the video to her brand new page on TikTok. She just joined within the last week, explaining that someone else had a hold of her handle until recently.

Talking to Billboard, the "Bring on the Rain" hitmaker says she's seen a resurgence in her song catalog in the last few years. Beyond Swindell's tribute, Kelly Clarkson is another artist who brought one of her songs to the spotlight, performing "Bye Bye" on her TV show last month.

As for Hayes, this is the first time he's brought another celebrity (country or non) to his front porch. Typically it's his kids or reluctant wife who joins him in his videos, unless he's promoting a song that is a collaboration with another artist.

"Y'all Life" is Hayes' newest single — the follow-up to "AA" is nearing Top 40 on the country airplay chart.

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