Walker Hayes' No. 1 hit, "Fancy Like," has taken the world by storm on a viral level. Thanks to TikTok, the song's popularity has grown even more with its very own choreographed dance routine. People everywhere have attempted the simple jig on social media, including LeAnn Rimes.

To add another fancy layer, a capella act Straight No Chaser has given the song a festive twist with a parody called "Christmas Like."

The fun-loving song feels like something Hayes would have compiled himself, but the guys from Straight No Chaser opted for "eggnog in the Styrofoam" and a "slice of fruitcake on the side" over Applebee's menu picks.

Of course there's a fun music video to accompany the hilarious holiday picture they've painted for us — although things get messy, it's nothing worse than you'd find at your own holiday work party. It appears they're actually enjoying the fruitcake!

Straight No Chaser is a comedic all-male a capella group known for their silly and infectious Christmas songs. Their parodies remind us that while it is the most wonderful time of the year, it's also a little over the top at times.

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