The nominations are in and now it's time to make your vote count!  The Minnesota Department of Transportation is inviting people to make their voices heard in the Name A Snowplow Contest.

It seems like the contest has been successful so far.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation reported receiving nearly 24,000 name submissions - from the creative to the practical. Now they're looking to narrow it down and make their decisions. According to details released by MNDOT, they're focusing on "selecting names that were submitted frequently, names that would be easily identifiable and understandable to broad audiences, or those that were particularly unique, creative, or Minnesota-specific".

Some point in early March, the Minnesota Department of Transportation will select eight winning names - one for each of the eight districts that serve Minnesota. Until then, you can vote.  Click here for the details and to register your selection.  Voting will be open through Friday, February 26 at 5:00 PM.  The rules of the contest say that individuals will be able to vote once for up to eight of their favorite names.

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The Minnesota Department of Transportation divides the greater State of Minnesota up into eight regional district areas in regards to road maintenance - seven districts located throughout the state and one that serves the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan district. According to their own internal descriptions, "most of [their] day-to-day operations are managed at the district level, including highway construction projects, maintenance, and highway right-of-way issues".   To get more information about the work that the Minnesota Department of Transportation does or the particulars about each of the districts, click here.

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