C.J. Ham is coming off his best year as a pro in the NFL. He made it to the Pro Bowl, and the team says the proof is on the field.

Vikings Running Back Dalvin Cook also made it to the Pro Bowl, you ask him why he had a good year and he will say it was his offensive line, but mostly C.J. Ham. It was a great year to show what he has because it was a contract year. C.J. caught some passes, ran the ball, and blocked for one of the top running backs in the league.

Here's the best part he is from Duluth. C.J. plays fullback, not a glamorous position. You block, then you block, then you block, and maybe you will run the ball. This Year, Spectrum Sports named C.J. Ham one of the 20 players in the NFL that you need to watch. Why? Because he can do all the things that are asked of him as a FB but he can run like a tailback and he can catch and run like a tight end and has the speed of a Wide Reciever.

According to Vikings.com, Gary Kubiak, the offensive coach, likes what Ham can do. He is versatile and strong. He was set to become a free agent during the 2020 offseason but the team signed him to a four-year, $12.25 million contract extension. That is a good chunk of change if you ask me. Spotrac has his whole contract laid out with all of his bonuses. That's how you know you are a valuable player when you earn more with the better you play.

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The other thing the Vikings and Spectrum Sports like is he lives a clean life and is a faith-based man. His team praises him for his playing and charity work too. He raised money and surprised underprivileged families for Christmas and, since the COVID-19 outbreak, teaming up with Saint Paul Parks & Recreation to encourage young people to still be active in whatever way they can.

This all impresses me because he is playing a thankless position and he is getting noticed.

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